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Additional Services - Building Code Plan Reviews and Building Inspections

Additional Services: Building Code Plan Reviews and Building Inspections

Matt Mulvey was recently selected by the Town of Northborough Massachusetts to handle all plan reviews and building inspections for a 375 unit multiple building residential complex with an additional 500,000 square feet of mercantile/assembly space on site.

Matt has enlisted a Master Electrician to perform the electrical plan reviews and inspections and a Master Plumber and Gas Fitter to handle the plumbing and gas plan reviews and inspections. Matt is handling all fire sprinkler plans reviews and inspections along with normal building inspections.

In addition, Matt also has a second Certified Building Commissioner on staff.

All plan review/inspection staff are appointed by the Town as Deputy Inspectors so there is no issue with the validity of plan reviews and inspections.

Matt’s objective with the project is to turn around plan reviews in as short period of time as possible and to provide any called for inspection by the following day.

Matt and his staff understand the complexities of building construction and are doing their best to ensure that the entire project is built safe and is built successfully with a spirit of cooperation between the regulators and the regulates.

Inspection Services

Matthias J. Mulvey, CBO, CET, a Massachusetts Certified Building Commissioner, Builder and Building and Zoning Code Consultant is available to provide municipal building inspection services for development projects in your community that may overwhelm your city or town inspection staff.

For construction projects, Mulvey can provide a complete inspection team to conduct plan reviews and inspections for site work, building construction, handicap access, electrical wiring, plumbing systems, gas piping, mechanical systems and fire protection systems. All Mulvey staff are properly licensed, insured and certified as required by Massachusetts General Laws.

For communities overwhelmed by 780 CMR State Building Code Table 106 Periodic Inspections, Mulvey can provide Massachusetts certified building officials to conduct the required inspections for a portion of the Table 106 fee allowed to be set by the community. These required public safety inspections and certifications reduce the incidence of fire and building injury in your community. Many communities do not have sufficient inspection staff to perform this required function.

Mulvey’s services allow a community to maintain public safety in the built environment without the burden of adding costly full-time staff to the government payroll.

Contact Matt Mulvey at (781) 331-0043, or email at infor@mulvey.cc Web Site: www.mulvey.cc